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Photo of DP Dyslexia Consulting

DP Dyslexia Consulting

Educational Services Contact: Donna Price
Home 3802 E. Patrick Lane Phoenix Arizona 85050 Work Phone: 407-474-8924

DP Dyslexia

Identifying and supporting those with a language-based learning disability that affects spelling, reading & writing, as well as, executive function deficits.

  1. -Barton Reading & Spelling Tutoring Services (min. of twice a week)
  2. -Screening, Assessments & Progress Monitoring
  3. -Executive Function Strategy Coaching
  4. -Time Management: Seeing My Time classes
  5. -Handwriting without Tears
  6. -Reading Comprehension & Fluency
  7. -Study Skills


“Donna has been such a blessing to me and my family. I have a 12 year old son who was recently recognized as dyslexic. I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about his future. Donna began tutoring him a year ago in Barton and I am impressed with the progress my son has made. What I appreciate about Donna is that she thinks outside the box. Barton is the foundation, but she is intuitive and will pull in other resources that she feels will further strengthen his weaknesses and enhance his strengths. She also dedicates her time to research and further understanding as to what my son needs. She really wants to see him progress. I feel confident that when he has completed the program, he will have developed some lifelong tools that will help him to succeed in whatever he chooses to pursue. Thank you, Donna!”

Deena Gauharou



Donna Price

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3802 E. Patrick Lane Phoenix Arizona 85050

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