Bulk Deals and Group Purchases

Bulk Deals and Group Purchases

There’s Power in Numbers!

And we are over 200 Members Strong

The idea is not to beat up business owners for the lowest price. It’s about creating greater efficiency in the sales and marketing process so both businesses and consumers come out ahead.



When you, as a homeowner, need maintenance or repair of your single largest personal asset, the first reaction is usually one of irritation, panic or dread.

Hours of research followed by dozens of calls and appointments and, in the end, you hope and pray that you found a quality contractor and are being treated fairly on price.

It all boils down to your time, the quality of repair and a bundle of money. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.


What about the Goods and Services you use every day around your home? Ever wonder if there was a more efficient and less expensive way to buy them?



The North Phoenix Buyers Club is here to change the game of buying home goods, services, and home maintenance and repair!


Join Us!

save time – save money – and get quality goods and services as a GROUP


Benefits of a Buyers Club

Power in Numbers

A large group of buyers commands a much greater degree of attention from businesses and contractors due to dollar volume and greater efficiency in the sales process.

Job Quality

The large number of sales at stake for future jobs in the neighborhood means contractors will be much more likely to keep up quality to assure future referrals.

Cost - Time

It takes less time and money to service customers that are all in the same geographic area.

The Group may also save if the Vendor can buy materials in bulk!

Cost - Marketing

By not having to pay for Google ads, Yelp, Home-Advisor, Angie’s List and other expensive marketing…Businesses and Contractors can offer lower prices while maintaining their bottom line!

Superior Customer Support

If one member is unhappy, everybody is unhappy. Contractors will work hard to ensure everyone in the group is satisfied with the product or service. Preferred vendor status can mean a LOT of future referrals.

Time Savings

If one or two people are doing the business research and reporting for the entire group purchase, the majority of homeowners save hours and hours of their own valuable time.

Group Purchases

Most businesses are thrilled to sell a pallet of products all in one purchase. The time, energy and marketing costs that are saved can be enormous.

Many businesses are more than happy to have lower prices on bulk purchases because of the time and money they are saving.

Local Business Directory

As a member of the North Phoenix Buyers Club, you can create your own business listing in our Local Business Directory.

A regular listing isn’t a Group Buy but it makes it much easier to offer one. Neighbors doing business with neighbors is even better!

Or, take a look at our first group buy for termite treatment.