Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors

What exactly is the North Phoenix Buyers Club?

The North Phoenix Buyers Club is simply a large group of North Valley neighbors who work together with high-quality vendors and contractors for home repair and maintenance services.

Is this all about the cheapest price?


We have three goals as a Group in the following order…

  1. High-Quality Workmanship
  2. Good Service/Warranty
  3. Fair Pricing

We do not choose our preferred vendors strictly on price. Our primary concern is good quality and value, and that rarely equates to the lowest price.

How does a Group Buy work?
  1. Group Members are surveyed to find out which Group Buys have the most interest. Group Buys with the most interest are tackled first.
  2. Group discussion creates a list of goals and priorities for each project.
  3. Group Members sign-up as “Interested” (no obligation).
  4. Online research of project needs and requirements is conducted.
  5. Contractor/Vendor suggestions are collected and analyzed.
  6. Online surveys are created and distributed to screened contractor/vendors.
  7. Further online analysis of all review sites, licensing boards, and consumer bureaus/websites is coordinated.
  8. Telephone and In-person interviews are conducted with leading contractors/vendors.
  9. A short-list of contractors/vendors is chosen –  the report is written – the Group votes for our preferred vendor.
  10. A Preferred Vendor is chosen and the Official Sign-Up for the Group Buy is posted.
  11. Each Group Buy participant writes one honest review (positive or negative) about the Group Buy and the Preferred Vendor.



What do I have to do as a vendor?
  • Provide High-Quality Service and Workmanship
  • Keep your word regarding promises made for any Group Buy you are awarded
  • Write one REAL review (positive or negative) about the Group and your experience with us
  • Be honest and truthful in all transactions with our Group Members (if and when they come to you with additional service requests)
What about "problem" customers?

We’ll admit, occasionally there have been customers that sign up for a Group Buy and exhibit less than stellar behavior on scheduling and/or canceling, etc. It’s kind of the way the world works sometimes.

The number of times this has happened is very low as a percentage.

In those circumstances, the Vendor has called us to explain their side of the story and the Group Member is quietly let go.

All reviews of Vendors are scrutinized so that these circumstances don’t affect a Vendors’ rating with the Group. 


Creating anything of value costs money. Preferred Vendors are asked to contribute 5% from each paid job to help build and maintain the website. 

What is Global Paradox Inc. and why do I see it on this site?
When the idea for the North Phoenix Buyers Club first hatched there was no funding available to build and code a website, subscribe to SAAS services, pay for hosting or domain etc. etc. etc.

Global Paradox Inc. funded (and continues to fund) the development of the North Phoenix Buyers Club until such time as it becomes self-sustaining.

Global Paradox Inc. is owned and operated by Tim C. Martin who first organized the North Phoenix Buyers Club.

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