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Leslies Pro Brand Chlorine Tabs Group Bulk Buy

Our Group Pricing

Leslie’s Crystal Care Pro – Jumbo Chlorine Tabs

– 3″ Chlorine Tabs – 8 oz. tablets

– 55lb Bucket (enough to last a LONG time)

– Exact same ingredients as in Leslies Branded Packaging but in a Pro Branded Bucket

– No fillers or binders

– 99% Trichloro-s-trianzinetrione (Tri-Chlor) Active Ingredient

– 90% Available Chlorine


plus $8.38 az sales tax = $105.77



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Please Note

We are buying a pallet of 24 buckets which means the first 24 people to respond will be able to participate. People who sign up after that will be on a waitlist in case anyone drops out.


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