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50 Gallon – Hot Water Heater – 6 year warranty 

Rheem – Natural Gas or Electric

Our Group Pricing

Electric –


for Rheem “Professional Classic” 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater – 6-year warranty – Model # PROE50 T2 RH95

Natural Gas –


for Rheem “Professional Classic” 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater – 6-year warranty – Model # PROG50-40N RH62


Basic Installation –


includes delivery, drip pan, and removal of old unit. Corroded pipes or valves, new supply lines, second-floor installation or other extenuating circumstances could result in additional installation charges.


Sales Tax – is in addition to the above pricing.

PRICE LOCK – If you aren’t ready to install a water heater immediately you can make a $100.00 refundable deposit to hold this pricing for six months. The deposit is 100% refundable.

Water heaters are a commodity and prices do fluctuate. A 10% increase on all Rheem products is expected on March 1st due to Chinese tariffs.


The prices listed are for our group only and are not available to the general public.

This is the official sign-up list that is required to participate in this Group Buy. If you call and ask for the Group Price without signing-up first, you will be negotiating on your own.


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– Please Note – 

There was no Group Vote on this Hot Water Heater Deal. We looked for the most economical local vendor for 50-gallon hot water heaters and asked them if they would like to participate in a Group Buy with us.

Spencers TV & Appliance would like to work with us. They sell hundreds of hot water heaters per year, they are well known, and garner considerable trust in the community already.

Keep in mind that this Group Deal is for the least expensive way to replace a water heater. THIS DEAL IS NOT FOR EVERYONE as it includes a 6-year warranty only.

Several in our Group are looking for 12-year warranties or tankless water heater systems which are significantly more expensive. We will be working on those Group Deals in the future.


IMPORTANT…Spencers TV & Appliance is not a 24-hour Emergency Plumbing service and cannot guarantee the timeliness of service or installs. If you are in an emergency situation please call a 24-hour Plumbing Service.

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  • Installations are booked through Spencers and performed by Ameriflow. Typical service time is 24 hours but is not guaranteed. 
  • Prices and models may change from time to time and the North Phoenix Buyers Club will do its best to keep up with these changes. We cannot guarantee the prices included on this page will be 100% accurate at all times.


The author of this page (Tim C. Martin) is not a certified plumber or contractor. Everything included on this page is knowledge and opinion gained from various resources during the research phase of this project. The North Phoenix Buyers Club is a community effort to obtain the best home maintenance and repair for a fair price for a large group of neighbors. Members who sign up for this group are not obligated to buy from any contractor or vendor until arrangements are made directly with that contractor or vendor. All financial arrangements and responsibility for follow up, installation, warranty, or any other issue is between the group member (You the Buyer) and the contractor or vendor. By continuing to read this page and by continuing to participate in the North Phoenix Buyers Club, you assume all responsibility for any transaction and will not hold the author of this page (Tim C. Martin) or the Group (North Phoenix Buyers Club) liable for any errors or omissions, or anything else. (Sorry for all that but we do live in America 😎

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