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The group voted Magic Pest Control to be our preferred Termite Treatment vendor. Seventy-one neighbors have taken advantage of this deal so far!   JOIN US!

This Group Buy has expired. Watch for the next one!

10 Year Warranty. No Annual Fees.

Termite Treatment – Group Price


Preventative Treatments – includes 10-year warranty with no annual fees.


Corrective Treatments  – includes 10-year warranty with no annual fees.


The prices listed are through the North Phoenix Buyers Club only. This price is not available by calling in.

***Please note  – this deal requires payment to be made by credit card at the time of scheduling.

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Sign-Up for Termite Treatment Group Pricing

  • Valid for homes of 3200 sq. ft. or less on one floor (upper floors are not counted)
  • Payment is required in advance by credit card, directly to Magic Pest Control.
  • Treatment must be scheduled within 30 days of sign up.
  • Customers must call Magic Pest Control to request free annual inspection.
  • Less than 24 hours cancellation notice incurs a $125 fee.
  • Sign up is required to get Group Pricing. Call-ins that simply “mention” the North Phoenix Buyers Club name are not eligible.
  • People who live outside of the North Phoenix Buyers Club boundaries “may” or “may not” be eligible to participate.


The North Phoenix Buyers Club – Termite Treatment Project is a community effort to obtain the best termite contractor for a fair price for a large group of neighbors. Members who sign up for this group are not obligated to buy from any contractor and all financial arrangements and responsibility for follow-up, treatment, warranty, or any other issue is between the group member (You the Buyer) and the contractor. By continuing to participate in the North Phoenix Buyers club, you assume all responsibility for any treatment or transaction and will not hold the author of this report (Tim C. Martin) or the Group (North Phoenix Buyers Club) liable for any errors or omissions, or anything else. (Sorry for all that but we do live in America 😎

By filling out this form I certify that I have read and accepted the Important Disclaimer

Group Reviews of the Magic Pest Control Group Buy

* Verified Buyers Only *


  1. Stacy Bell

    It’s been a week that I had the termite treatment done and I was very pleased with Magic Pest Control. They called and set up an appointment on a Saturday for my convenience and arrived on time. The inspection was thorough and they explained each step of the process. I had another company that did our home inspection give me an estimate and they were very pricey. You saved me a lot of money and i received a better warranty. So happy I found this on NextDoor and thank you Tim Martin.

  2. Erin rEgan

    Magic was quick, responsive and knowledgeable. Very thankful we took part in this!

  3. Manoj Patel

    I had the termite treatment done by Magic today and everything went very well. They did dig the trench around the house. I definitely had termites with garage area having the most. They inspected around the house both inside and outside looking for tunnels. Wherever they found the tunnels they applied the foam. After the treatment, they explained what to do in the next 30 days and after. Overall, very pleased.

  4. Karl Kasowski

    The transaction and service with Magic was flawless for me. The pricing is great and the service was top-notch. They were sure to make sure I understood the what and why of what they were doing as well as review the warranty and what I can or can not expect.

  5. Lisa Ross

    I was glad to hear I didn’t have termites! The two men did a good job of explaining everything to me

  6. Wendy Tate

    I am so glad I joined his group. I didn’t know I had active termites. I thought I might, but wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for. When the company came out, they were professional and showed me all my tunnels of pets in and outside my home. Pets I don’t want. Ha ha. I feel peace of mind too that they will come out yearly to inspect for free as long as I call to make the appointment and will come out if I ever think I have a problem. For the next 10 years I am covered. Love it. Bummer only 34 took advantage of this. I’m glad I didn’t snooze on this great opportunity.

  7. Eva Cropp

    We had a great experience with magic. Didn’t think we had termites but we did! Great job was done and they were very professional. Can’t beat the 10 year warranty. Thank you Tim!

  8. Sue Hutchison

    I was very pleased with our experience with Magic Pest Control. They found active termites in the garage, where a very recent inspection by another vendor did not. I appreciate that the owner was present on every job, and had a role in greeting every customer and inspecting the work personally. Having the North Phoenix Buyers Club do the research saved me tons of time, and the group price saved me $110 off the bid I received from my prior termite service.

    • Tim C. Martin

      Apples to Apples – I checked in with Sue because it didn’t sound right that she only saved $110. It turns out the quote she received was for an additional $110 BUT the warranty was only for two years. Our Group Price comes with a ten-year warranty and no service charges if they are required to return.

  9. Dena Chulew

    Went very smooth – was leery that I might try to be told we had termites (we just had our yearly inspection with no evidence), but was happy that they were honest, no additional upsells, explained everything clearly. The buyers club worked great, I would have never had researched nor found these savings on my own.

  10. Danette Hendry

    I was very happy with the service. The technicians were thorough and professional. I had active termites and they worked on the outside while I moved everything away from the walls in the garage so they could complete the job the same day. The price was very good and I am happy to have a 10 year warranty. Couldn’t be much easier, I really appreciated all the leg work and the report from the buyers club.

  11. Patrick Skehan

    I think this was a great deal and the buy as a group concept is excellent. I think the website should be easier to understand and navigate. You/we could make that better. 3 stars for ease of transaction.

    • Tim C. Martin

      Thanks for the comment Patrick. I agree that we have a lot of work to do on the site yet in order to make it as smooth and helpful as possible for the Group. If you have any specific ideas that you think I/we should work on,
      please leave them here.

      Any comments and suggestions the group makes will only make the site better and easier for everyone. The suggestions link can always be found under the “Members Admin” menu. Thank you!

  12. Deena Neste

    We had active termites and needed the full treatment. Magic Pest control showed up on time, they were professional, and appeared to be very thorough. They even cleaned, patched, and repaired all areas where termite activity was visible, which we truly appreciated as the previous “big name” pest control contractor we hired 8 years ago did not do this. We are very happy with their service, professionalism and best of all – the great price! Hopefully we won’t need to call them again but feel great that we have a 10-year guarantee if we do! Thanks!

  13. mittun patel

    They did a great job. The people I interacted with were all professional and nice. They were on time and did a thorough job. Left work areas clean after done. No issues. Highly recommend.

  14. Tim C. Martin

    FULL TRANSPARENCY – I’m the organizer of this group and I wrote the report and built the website.
    Treatment on my home went great and I am very satisfied. The price was spectacular and Magic Pest Control was very thorough with the treatment inside and out.
    I hope you’ll rate the North Phoenix Buyers Club AND Magic Pest Control (our preferred vendor) with 5 stars also.
    BUT if your expectations were not met or you were not satisfied, please leave honest feedback. It’s the only way to make the site better and the Group Stronger.We want this to be different than all the rest of the review sites out there.
    If any vendor gets less than a three-star average on their reviews….they will be pulled as a Preferred Vendor of this Group immediately.
    Tim Martin


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